Busters’ Spatinental Food

Spatinental is a concept that was influenced by the “Heart-healthy” food movement. Our ¬†goal is to help people think of food as a tool.

We took the “pure” form of cooking, i.e., grilling, poaching, searing, oven-roasting and baking proteins, then paired them with healthy greens, fruits, nuts, beans and vegetables. When you start with the best, freshest ingredients, you allow the food to “speak” for it self.

We fuse different cultural techniques and foods, then finish them off with a delicate sauce, chutney or herbs.

Food should not be too complicated, but always treated with care and respect. It should not intimidate, it should inspire. Whether it is to close on an important deal, or it is to feed your family on a daily basis, stop, think, plan, and enjoy the process.

Our Vendors

Barn at Beechtree FarmsHappy ChickensHorses

Cow at Beechtree FarmsWe buy most of our food from local, organic farms and gardens.

Our Beef comes from Beechtree Farms in Hopewell, NJ, where Charlie and Lucia Huebner raise their animals in a healthy and pesticide-free environment.

We buy chicken and turkey, at Goffel’s Farm, in Wycoff NJ.

Our bread is delivered daily, from Hudson Bread, NorthBergen, NJ

Our organic produce comes from Chickadee Farm, in Hopewell, and local green markets

  • Why does our food taste so good?

    Because we always start with the best fresh and mostly locally grown ingredients!

    We buy our meats at local organic farms, where the animals are raised on pasture and are allowed to graze in the field. See our list of vendors below and find out where our food comes from!

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